Commercial Card

Consolidate payables to a single card

Save time and resources with a single card for purchasing, travel and entertainment, account payable invoices, and fleet expenditures. The WellsOne® Commercial Card lets you reduce per-transaction costs and streamline approvals, reporting, and compliance.

Maintain control of spending

The WellsOne® Commercial Card does more than just optimize your payment process. It also provides comprehensive expense reporting that may help you:

  • Reduce or eliminate manual processes and costs. Our electronic payment process can eliminate up to 90 percent of the $50 to $150 per-transaction cost for issuing or reissuing purchase orders and checks.
  • Improve working capital.
  • One card, two currencies with the WellsOne Canadian Dollar card.
  • Speed approvals with online routing and receipt imaging.
  • Automatically update your A/P system or general ledger without manually keying information.
  • Improve reimbursements with ACH direct deposits right to your employees’ bank accounts on the CEO portal.
  • Exercise greater security and control over employee T&E spending and reimbursement by setting limits and guidelines at multiple levels.
  • Easily analyze spending trends to more effectively manage payables.
  • Deliver convenience to traveling employees with mobile access via CEO Mobile for managing their card transactions and submitting expenses.
  • Decrease the risk of fraud with Chip and PIN card technology.

CEO Mobile® can save you time

Check balances. Upload receipts. Track expenses. All in one place.

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