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Disaster Assistance and Property Damage Support


We're here for you. Learn about COVID-19 short-term payment assistance (forbearance) and service information. Learn more

The Wells Fargo Disaster Assistance Team can help

Has a natural disaster, storm, accident, or other event damaged your home? Or caused you financial hardship? Our disaster assistance team is here to help.

Property damage and disasters, big and small

We help customers with property damage and disasters — those that affect large numbers of people, as well as those that affect only their own home.

Financial hardships and payment help

Disasters can hit more than your home. They can affect your financial situation, too. Or they may damage your workplace or cause a drop in your income.

If you experience any financial hardship from a disaster or property damage, we may be able to help with flexible mortgage and home equity payment options.We can also explain your options for making payments if you've been affected by a FEMA-declared disaster.

While we can’t waive payments, we understand that you may not be able to make regular payments during a difficult time. We encourage you to continue making regular payments, if you can. No matter how significant your property damage — even with a complete loss of your home — we'll work with you to explore all your options.


If you have property damage, contact your homeowners insurance company to report it

Next, call the Wells Fargo Disaster Assistance Team at 1-888-818-9147 (Mortgage) or 1-866-355-1540 (Home Equity)

We’ll work with you and your insurance company to help you start your home repairs.

Long-term recovery after disaster assistance ends

If you’re still having financial difficulty at the end of the disaster assistance, contact us for a confidential review of the options to help with payment challenges.

No matter how significant your property damage — even with a complete loss of your home — we’ll work with you to review all of your options.

For help after the disaster assistance ends, please contact us at:
Mon – Fri: 7 am – 10 pm
Sat: 8 am – 5 pm
Central Time