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Profile Questions

Account Profile Questions

How do I change my name on my accounts?

To change your name on your accounts, you will need to meet with a banker in your nearest Wells Fargo branch. Please bring your updated photo ID and an original or a certified copy of any supporting documents (such as marriage certificate, divorce decree, or other court orders).  For your convenience make an appointment with a banker at your branch.

We will copy and retain a portion of these documents (typically the first page, the page indicating the name change, and the page that bears the stamp of the court, court clerk, decree date, and/or judge's signature) and we will update our records and your signature card with your new name. We will also send you a new debit/ATM card and/or credit card.

How do I change or add another email address, phone number, or mailing address?

Simply sign on to Wells Fargo Online® and access Update Contact Information to review your email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses.

If your new address is outside of the United States, please contact us at 1-800-956-4442.

If you receive electronic delivery of brokerage statements and documents, you will need to sign on to Wells Fargo Online. Click the Brokerage tab, and access Document Delivery Preferences under Customer Service to modify the email address to which your notifications are sent.

How do I add or remove an owner or signer on my account(s)?

To remove a signer from a joint consumer account: 

If the joint owner agrees to be removed from the account, the account does not need to be closed. All joint owners remaining or being removed from the account must meet with a banker at Wells Fargo branch, and you can make an appointment online

Joint owners unable to visit the branch can provide the required notarized documentation to the person who will be present at the branch. If the joint owner being deleted does not agree to be removed, or cannot sign the appropriate documentation to be removed, your account will need to be closed and a new account opened. Please call 1-800-TO-WELLS (1-800-869-3557) or visit a Wells Fargo branch.

How do I view individuals who have access to my accounts?

You can sign on to Wells Fargo Online and through Account Access Manager, you can view who can access your accounts both through online banking as well as through a Wells Fargo Banker or branch location.

How do I set up or change individuals for online view-only access to my accounts?

You can create a Guest User through Account Access Manager and assign view-only account access to anyone who needs it — for example, your financial consultant or accountant may need view-only access to your account information.

For most accounts, Guest Users have online access to the accounts you designate, including your account balance, activity, and statements by accessing your accounts using a username and password, which you must create and manage for them.

Guest Users are not able to view certain features or perform transactions including Transfers and Payments directly from If you or your Guest User shares your username and password with 3rd party applications or websites, your account information may be able to be accessed through these 3rd parties.

You maintain security by controlling who has access to your accounts, and you can view, edit, or delete access at any time through Account Access Manager by selecting the Guest Users tab.

Language Preferences

What is the Language Preference?

Language Preference allows you to set your preferred language to English or Spanish for Wells Fargo-supported services and communications. Once set, Language Preference will apply to the following:

  • Desktop, tablet, and smartphone browser
  • Tablet and smartphone app
  • Eligible push notifications, text, email alerts and other communications and notices

Wells Fargo Online® and the Wells Fargo Mobile® app may not be available in Spanish to all customers and some products, services, and communications may only be offered in English. Please note that in the case of a dispute, the English version of our terms and conditions will govern.

How do I set my language preference?

You can set your language preference online, in person, or by calling 1-800-869-3557.

You’re prompted to select your language preference during enrollment in Wells Fargo Online and during the first-time experience in the Wells Fargo Mobile app.

After signing on to Wells Fargo Online, you can change your language preference at any time.

Mobile app:

  1. Open the Menu in the lower right of your screen
  2. Under your first name, tap Security & Profile
  3. Scroll to the Profile section and select Language Preference
  4. Use the radio button to select English or Spanish, then tap Save


  1. Use the arrow to expand the Welcome drop-down in the upper right of your screen
  2. Select Language Preference
  3. Use the radio button to select English or Spanish, then select Save

Mobile (browser):

  1. Open the Menu in the lower right of your screen
  2. Under your first name, tap Profile, settings  
  3. Select Language Preference
  4. Use the radio button to select English or Spanish, then tap Save

Once it’s set to Spanish, Wells Fargo Online will appear in Spanish on Wells Fargo-supported devices, and you will start receiving eligible alerts and other communications and notices in Spanish.

Will the language preference for ATM change?

No, this language preference doesn’t apply to your ATM language selection.

How do I change my language preference for account statement and notices?

To change your account statements and notices language preference, please call 1-800-869-3557 or visit a Wells Fargo banking location.